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Shrimp Mediterranean Salad, low salt, low calorie

Shrimp used to be on the forbidden list because it has a high cholesterol content. Shrimp, however, can be a great lean source of protein when eaten in moderation. It you have the frozen precooked shrimp it can be used to make a salad very quickly. This salad could be used as a meal for 4 or you could use smaller portions to be part of a meal. I really think the flavors will be even better if you let the shrimp marinated for a few hours or overnight before putting on the lettuce. Other additional ingredients such as tomatoes and cucumbers would work with this dish. I would skip using  olives which are used in most Mediterranean dishes because they would put you over the salt limit allowed on the DASH diet. If you wanted to skip the mayonnaise then plain yogurt would make a great substitution.

Dash Diet

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Shrimp Salad


2 cups salad shrimp, defrosted
2 tablespoon mayonnaise, low fat/ low salt
1 teaspoon lemon and pepper, Mrs. DASH
1 clove garlic; diced
1/2 cup lemon juice
6 cups lettuce; torn
1 cup avocado; cut into slices
4 tablespoon feta cheese; crumbled

Mix the shrimp, mayonnaise and Mrs. DASH. Place on top of 1 1/2 cups
lettuce. Add avocado slices on top and sprinkle with feta cheese.

For this recipe use one avocado cut into slices.

NYC Nutrition Analysis (per serving or yield unit):
water=181.5 g; calories=249.8; protein=27.67 g; total fat=12.12 g;
saturated fat=3.64 g; monounsaturated fat=4.98 g; polyunsaturated fat=2.35
g; cholesterol=194.5 mg; carbohydrate=7.75 g; dietary fiber=3.23 g; total
sugars=1.57 g; ash=3.25 g; calcium=159.7 mg; phosphorus=328.5 mg; iron=3.63
mg; sodium=365.6 mg; potassium=518.2 mg; magnesium=64.64 mg; zinc=2.09 mg;
copper=0.41 mg; manganese=0.26 mg; vitamin A=4329 IU; vitamin E=2.71 mg
AT; thiamin=0.12 mg; riboflavin=0.26 mg; niacin=4.02 mg; pantothenic
acid=1.07 mg; vitamin B6=0.34 mg; folate=59.2 ug DFE; vitamin B12=1.63 ug;
vitamin C=16.07 mg; selenium=47.84 ug; vitamin K=103.6 ug; refuse=12.61%;
blocks carb:prot:fat=0.5 : 4.0 : 4.0; ECC=4.5; %cal as
carb:prot:fat=12:44:43; DietPoints=5.6
(incomplete analysis)

Yield: 4 servings

  NYC Nutrilink: N4474^15149,N7460^43355,N0^00000,N2973^11215
  NYC Nutrilink: N2201^09152,N3008^11253,N2213^09037,N20^01019

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