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Marinated Orange Pork Chops- DASH Diet

   Marinated Orange Pork Chops

Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes    
                                    Carrot Raisin Salad with Walnuts                                     

This is another DASH diet meal plan for 2,000 [1,600] (1,200) claories using the (DASH DIET Action Plan as a Guide).

* Recipe at the bottom


  Oatmeal, banana, toast milk, Grapefruit, fruit spread or preserves

1/2 cup instant oatmeal with 1 medium banana [(1/2)]
1 slice whole wheat toast (0) with 2 teaspoons preserves (0)
6 oz. grapefruit [(4 oz.)]
8 fl. oz. skim nonfat milk


  Soup, Cheese, Crackers, Salad, Yogurt, Apple

1 cup low sodium vegetable beef soup (3/4 cup)
1 oz. low sodium, low fat Swiss cheese [( 1/2 oz).]
6 low-salt whole wheat crackers (4)
Salad: 1 cup of leaf lettuce and vegetables mixed with a low fat and salt dressing
6 oz. nonfat, sugar free yogurt
1 medium apple [(small])


  *Marinated Orange Pork Chops, *Scalloped Potatoes, Green Beans, *Carrot
  Raisin  Salad, Walnuts, Milk

4 oz. pork chop [(3 oz.)]
1/2 cup scalloped potatoes
Green Beans
Carrot Raisin Salad (1/4 cup), topped with 1/4 cup walnuts [ (1 T.)]
8 fl. oz. nonfat skim milk

Marinated Orange Pork Chops

1/4 cup Orange Juice
1/2 tsp. Mrs. Dash Garlic and Herb Seasoning Blend or any mixture you enjoy
4 Garlic cloves, minced
1/2 teaspoon rosemary
4 pork chops (about 5 oz. each)

Mix the orange juice, seasoning blend, garlic and rosemary together. Place the chops in a glass pan and pour the mixture over. Let stand for at least 10 minutes but 1 hour is better. Turn the chops over at least once. Coat a grill or pan with a nonstick spray. Cook at medium heat for 5 minutes on each side or until thermometer inserted reaches 145 degrees.

Carrot Raisin Salad

2 cups shredded carrots (about 4)
1/2 cup raisins
2 tablespoons low fat mayonnaise or salad dressing
2 tablespoons plain yogurt
Orange juice or lemon juice as needed.

Mix the carrots and raisins in a bowl. Mix the mayonnaise or salad dressing with yogurt. Add orange juice or lemon juice to thin out as needed. You can  use just  orange juice instead of yogurt. Refrigerate leftovers.

Low -Fat Scalloped Potatoes

3 medium potatoes
1 1/2 cups nonfat skim milk
2 tablespoons flour
14/ teaspoon garlic salt (can use powder to reduce salt more)
1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper
1/2 cup shredded low fat, low salt cheddar cheese

Peel and slice the potatoes thin. Mix the milk, flour, garlic power and pepper and cook over medium heat until the sauce is thickens. Place 1/2 the potatoes on a dish and spoon over 1/2 of the sauce. Add the remaining potatoes and pour the remaining sauce over. Cover and bake in a oven set to 350 F for 50 minutes to an hour. You can test the to make sure the potatoes are done by sticking a fork into the potatoes. If done the fork will go in easily.

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