Monday, November 10, 2008

More About the Lakenvelder Food Blog

This blog is an adventure in cooking. Many of the recipes are that are everyday type of food we eat here at Lakenvelder Farms while others are an adventure. I may see a new product I have never seen at the Grocery store and pick it up to see what yummy food I can produce while others I get inspiration from a book I picked up or something I tried at a restaurant that I want to reproduce.

I have in the past had a comment saying I should make mom recipe. Growing up it was always the same thing for the most part so that would leave this blog with 7 recipes. Baked chicken, meatloaf, spaghetti, tuna noddle casserole etc. The typical everyday American recipes. I on the other had like to be bold. It may be Pakistani one night and Italian the other. However, because I work full time most of the real experimentation is done on the weekend when I do not have other pressing matter to attend to. Some times we really enjoy the recipes such as the Balti food or would rather not make it again. I usually make comments on those. I usually add the recipes for an American audience but if anyone would like help converting to kg or needs help for a substitute. If anyone has a suggestion please feel free to post.

All of the photos are taken by me. I do not have a professional set up so many times the photos are not the greatest but I like to post to give you an idea of what the finish recipe would look like.

I hope you enjoy this blog and try out some of the recipes.

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