Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Meatball Soup - Albondigas Soup

This is simple Mexican soup you can get at almost any restaurant but is easy to make at home. I have seen versions without the vegetables but I personally like them in the soup. If you want to make it spicier add some cumin and chili powder.

Meatball Soup - Albondigas Soup

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Recipe Ingredients:

5 1/4 oz of ground beef
1/2 head of cabbage finely chopped
1 scallion finely chopped
2 turnips coarsely grated
2 Carrots coarsely grated
2 cups Chicken broth
1 Egg
1/2 Sliced onion
Salt and pepper

In a pot, saute the vegetables in oil for about 10 minutes, stirring them occasionally. Add the broth and boil. Lower the flame. Mix the egg, meat, salt and pepper together and form it into little balls. Add to the liquid and cook for 30 minutes.

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