Wednesday, October 12, 2005

American High Tea

Went I fist hear about Tea Rooms from my mother I though she was taking bout maybe Japanese tea room or but I found out about a new sort of fad in California (started in the early 90’s) are Tea Rooms but they are more on a Victorian or English theme. When I looked at prices a lot of them were rather expensive. I am not sure if they will survive except in certain areas with the clients that can afford such an experience. When I checked a website of tea rooms a lot of them have closed already and the ones still open have expanded their offerings to have lunch menus with more reasonable prices so they should be able to carry a broader consumer base.

If you are in an area where they do not have such places there there are plenty of web sites to go to create your own tea and it really is not a bad idea to get back to socializing in simple ways regularly with friends. All you really need are a few teas, maybe scones (made or purchased), simple sandwiches, and simple cookies/cakes/sweet breads. Latter I will expand recipes on this page to create a more American Style High Tea but here is one web site with suggestions.

Teas sandwiches have five characteristic: small, crustless, thin sliced bread and flavorful. It does not have to be only thin white bread but bread should be first spread with butter before the filling.

Some suggestions:

Egg Salad Sandwiches
Tuna Salad Sandwiches
Cucumber sandwiches
Potted meat Sandwiches
Hummus in Pita Bread (some places if you do not want to make your own have small pita bread you could cut in half or quarters)
Tortillas or flat bread rolled with fillings(pinwheels)

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