Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Harry Potter Birthday Party

Harry Potter Birthday Party

My two daughters wanted a themed birthday party again this year. I am starting to plan it finally but I am a little cautious because of last year. I am planning to do an Harry Potter Theme Party . There are a lot of web sties to assist you with this but most are for younger children

I need to get invitations out this week. I am thinking of doing them on parchment paper with invisible ink (of course with directions) and a map to our house. (Marauders Map)

The plans in the making are using herbs in a pot with a sign "Professor Sprout's Class".

Buffet Table

Sausages (I do not think I will be able to find bangers)
Fried Potatoes
Turkey or Roast beef sandwiches: subway types
Wizard Salad or Forest Salad: Tossed salad with choice of toppings
Wizard Crumpets: I will take English Muffins and make mini pizzas
Cockroach clusters: rice crispy marshmallow treats with chocolate pieces
Cauldron Cookies: melted chocolate on sugar cookies with cobweb piped on top
Ginger Harry’s: Gingerbread men with Harry colors


Slay the Dragon: Dragon PiƱata
Guess How Many Jelly beans in a Jar: winner gets to bring home jar

Well this is a start

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