Thursday, September 08, 2005

Stawberry Angel Food Dessert

Strawberry Angel Food Dessert


1 package angle food mix
2 10 oz packages frozen strawberries
1 cup whiipping cream; divided
2 tablespoon sugar

Prepare angle food cake mix according to package directions; remove from
oven. Set aside.

Thaw and drain strawberries; reserve the juice and add enought water to
equal 2 cups. Use the liquid to prepare the strawberry gelatin according to
package directions; allow to cool. Fold th estrawberries into gleatin.

Who[p half the cream with an electic mixer at medium speed until stiff.
Fold into gleatin mixture; refrigerate.

crumble the angle food cake, placeing a third into a tube pan. Pour half of
the gleatin mixture over cake. Add another third and the remaining
strawberry misture. Press the rest of the cake on top.

When ready to serve, remove from pan. With an electric mixer at high whips
the remaining half of the cream with the sugar to form stiff peaks. Spread
on th etop and sides of the cake.


Yield: 8 servings

Preparation Time: 40 mi

NYC Nutrilink: M0^00000,M0^00000,M0^00000,M5372^19335

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