Saturday, November 15, 2008


Thanksgiving is coming up and I have been giving some thought on what I will prepare this time. I will of course prepare the typical fare as you can see with Thanksgiving 2005 but I usually try something a bit different . I think this year I will add an Italian fare.

Thanksgiving 2008 Menu

So I already started my Meal Plan:
Need Servings for 6

Roast Turkey
Old Fashioned Mashed Potatoes.
Classic Green Bean Bake.
Turkey Gravy
Regular Herbed Stuffing
Candied Sweet Potatoes.
Cream Style Corn
Sour Cream Salad
Cranberry–Pear Relish.
Cranberry Jell Relish(canned)
Cranberry Relish( canned)
Olives (canned)

Italian Style Additions this year:
Pineapple Tiramisu
Three Mushroom Dressing
Broccoli and Provolone Alfredo

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