Sunday, July 01, 2007

Maui -Style Mahi Mahi & Hawaiian Corn Bread

This evening I had some Mahi Mahi that I had purchased at the market early this week. I do not normally buy this fish but when I saw it in the frozen food section it evoked memories of living in Hawaii so I decided to get some fillets. It is a rather popular fish in that area and Mahi Mahi can be found in other tropical areas such as Florida where it is called other names. It has a sweet flesh flavor and firm flesh ideal for a variety of dishes including grilling.

The first place I lived on Hawaii was next to the airport and so using the lanai was out of the question between the flumes and noise. Later we moved farther so we could enjoy the outside lanai and have BBQ s and activities. It was refreshing to sit out when they had a summer rain because the temperature would cool. I was wishing I had my lanai here in Kansas but it just would not be the same anyways I suppose.

This evening I made Maui-style Mahi Mahi. Maui is another beautiful island in the Hawaii Island chain. I also prepared Hawaiian Corn Bread and a simple tossed salad. Just about any of the recipes I have in my Hawaiian recipe section will go with this dish. This corn bread is more cake like and sweeter than normal main land corn bread. I prepared ½ of the following recipe but nest time will prepare the whole amount because I think it will come out better.. Be careful when cutting and serving to avoid it crumpling on you.

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