Sunday, April 16, 2006

Goat Cheese and lettuce salad

This salad is normally used with Mache or corn sald. I was nto able to find so I went ahead and made the sald with a prepared salad mix. If you can find the mache it would be wonderful. Everyone enjoyed the salad and I had none left over.
A salad green that has small dark green, velvety leaves with a rich, sweet flavor, and also known as Corn Salad, Field Salad, Field Lettuce, Lamb's Tongue or M√Ęche. To store, wrap in plastic and place in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator and they should remain fresh for two to three days.

Wash the lamb's lettuce and gently dry

Place it in the serving dish and season

Place the diced Florette (goat cheese) evenly over the salad

Add the croutons and walnut halves

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