Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Spaghetti, Garlic and Herbed French Bread

This evening meal was the Spaghetti sauce using the leftover meat loaf. You can use either store bought spaghetti as I did with two jars of Pasta sauce (1 lb 10 oz) or use a spaghetti recipe omitting the meat. Take the meatloaf and cut into bite size pieces and place in the sauce and heat up. Cook the spaghetti noodles as the directions on the package. I cooked some frozen broccoli using the microwave and make a tossed salad.

The garlic herb French bread was made by cutting a loaf of French bread in half and mixing together 5 tablespoons butter or margarine with 1 teaspoon of garlic paste and ½ -1 teaspoon herbs. I used an Italian herb mix but you can use what herbs you enjoy. I then spread the mixture on the bread and broil in the oven for a few minutes making sure I watch it because it will burn easily.

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