Monday, October 24, 2005

Thanksgiving Day Planning-Cooking Time Table

1 Month ahead

Make Turkey Stock
Make Pie Crust and Freeze
Make Apple Pie, Freeze

2 Days Ahead

Make Cranberry Sauce
Start Refrigerator Rolls

Night Before

Defrost Piecrust
Make Rice Stuffing
Make Pumpkin Pies
Make Sour Cream Salad

7 1/2 Hours Before

Bake Rolls
Make Sweet potato Casserole and Refrigerator
Make Green Bean Casserole and Refrigerator
Make Stuffing

5 1/2 Hours Before

Stuff and Roast Turkey Turkey

4 Hour Before

Peel Potatoes, Store in Cool Water at Room Temperature
Make Whip Cream for Pie, Refrigerate

Turkeys Done (45 minutes Before Serving)

Remove Turkey
Pour Drippings into Bowl
Make remaining Stuffing
Cook Lakota Squash and Put Wild Rice Stuffing Inside
Bake Green Beans and Sweet Potatoes
Place Potatoes on Stove, Bring to boil, Cook
Make Gravy, Keep Warm

Just Before Serving

Reheat Rolls
Unmold Jello
Top Sweet potatoes with Marshmallows, Brown
Drain and Mash Potatoes

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