Sunday, September 25, 2005

Saving for a Rainy Day or Worse

Just a short note about the need for everyone to have a small emergency supply on hand. The minimum everyone should have is a 72 hour get away kit. This is enough food, water and medicine to last 3 days and hopefully you can get somewhere to get more food and water within that time. I personally have always had more than that. Right now at the top of my head I have about 50 pounds sugar, 50 pounds flour and about 30 pounds of rice but I usually have more rice. I also have an assorted mixture of juice, canned meat, canned fruit and canned vegetables and peanut butter. I only major survival people suggest 2 years worth. The only limiting factor is water for most people. Yes, I have two wells but without power they are for the most part useless because I would have to have a very powerful hand pump to get water the depth they are and if I had a generator you still have the fuel problem. So my suggestions is to have on hand as much food as you can store without it going bad. Buying in bulk as I do also save money. I usually buy my flour and sugar in 25 to 50 pound bags and the rice comes in 25 pound bags. Winter is coming and I want to be prepared for the snow so I will have to inventory my supply again. I keep my rice in flour in food safe bags in unused metal containers and my canned supply on racks in the basement.
Are You Ready.
Disaster Kit in a bucket.

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