Friday, September 23, 2005

Food Of My Youth

I lived in a largely Mexican neighorhood until around 12-13 years old. I can still remember with fondness the smell of Menudo (Mexican Tripe Soup, permeating the neighborhood with each family cooking their version. It is a great tasting soup but making it is not my thing. It requires cooking Tripe fist for a few hours and that is some yuck smelly stuff. I suppose I was at school while they were cooking that part and by the time I got home The were cooking the soup with all the spices.

I also remember the pastries and have always enjoyed them. They are not like American pasteries since they are not that sweet. I have been looking for recipes for my favorite for a long time and I found two that might be it so I will try them this week. I don not remember cinnamon in the Conchas but will try the recipe with it and if it has at least the correct texture with the bread I will experiment with the recipe. Well, anyway, the next two recipes are what I found.

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