Sunday, August 28, 2005


Shortly I will begin posting. I also hope you will find some enjoyment with some of the recipes that you try. I will usually post the source of the recipe but I do have some that I do not know the source so if you had made the recipe up please let me know so I can give proper credit. Sometimes when I make meals I made add food from many different places. This is one example. I have here a French/Indian pilaf becasue I tend to make my pilaf with whatever I feel like at the monent. This one I used chicken broth, carrots, green peas, dal, cumin and some other spice. We also have a french bread with Beef "Kaati" Kabab (Kaati Kabab) and Chicken Tikka using the Shan Brand mix. A word of caution here when using the mix. Be careful of the amount of the mix you use becasue it tend to be very spicy hot. I only use a small amount.

Good Eating!

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