Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Pie

Christmas Pie

This was really an impulse buy a while back in November when I say the marshmallows. So what could I do with them, The are a bit large for most salads and other desserts. The package had ideas such as using for hot chocolate which would be a great ideas for a party and it had this pie recipe. It is really a simple jello instant pudding recipe for a pie but with a marshmallow layer. Gives a festive feel to the pie.

The recipe is:

1 8 oz or 2 4 0z packages of instant pudding mix
2 cups cold milk
1 container of cool whip topping.
Christmas or any shaped/ colored marshmallows.
A cookie pie crust or use the oreo cookie recipe

Mix the pudding mix and cold milk together until it become pudding consistency.
Add have of the pudding on the crust. Mix together 1 1/2 cups cool whip and the rest of the pudding mix. On top of the pudding layer add a layer of marshmallow. Top with the pudding/cool whip mixture. Decorate as desired.

More Ideas:

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