Sunday, January 15, 2006

American Iced Buns- Amerikaner

You will find there cookies all over Germany in bakeries. The are not like the usual cookies found in most American bakeries in the western part of the United States. The sugar cookie or maye the whoopie pie is about the closest cookie that can be comparied to it.

2 1/2 oz. Margarine or butter
3 1/4 oz sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla sugar
5 drops butterscotch flavoring
1 pinch salt
2 eggs
9 oz. Plain flour
3 tablespoon baking powder
3 1/2 fl oz milk

Use a mixer at high speed to cream the butter or margarine and gradually add the sugar, vanilla sugar, butterscotch, and salt. Beat until mixture is light and fluffy. Add the eggs one at a time and beat until mixed. Sift together the flour and baking powder. Add this and the milk to the butter or margarine a little eat a time, beating continuously at medium speed.
With two tablespoons drop 12 even sized spoonsfuls of the mixture on to a baking sheet line with baking paper.

Bake at 350-400 degrees F for 20-25 minutes.

Brush the surface of the buns with milk after about 15 minutes in the oven.


7 oz powdered sugar
2-3 tablespoons lemon juice
chopped almonds
chopped pistachio nuts
sugar crystals
graded coconut

Sift the powdered sugar. Add the lemon juice and beat until thickened. Spread the icing over the buns while they are still hot. Sprinkle with the nuts, sugar crystals or coconuts, as desired.

14 chocolate coating (for cakes and candies)
1 oz creamed coconut

Melt the coating with the creamed coconut on low heat. Stir the mixture until it thickens spread over the buns and decorated as desired.

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