Thursday, October 13, 2005

Have a wrap up lunch

Lavash Pinwheels

I found these in the deli section a grocery store a few months ago(they are nothing new) and I get them now just about every time I go the the store. Lavash is the Armenian name for a Turkish bread sometimes called mountain bread. It is a leaven bread that is soft, plialbe and perfect for wrap sandwiches or roll-ups.

You can use all types of filling and idea such as herb cream cheese rolled with turkey or beef and vegetables. All ingredients need to be thinly sliced.
If you can find the bread or make it this is how you do it.

Ingredients you can use:

soft cheese
lunch meat or thinly sliced bread
flat greens
chutneys or spreads or dressing
These are just ideas the sky is really the limit.

Spread chutney, spread or dressing to within 1/2 inch of end of bread. Place greens on top. Add meat and cheese on top to this. Start rolling the bread to and use toothpick to hold if needed. Slice into about 4 pieces and lay on side to expose pinwheel.


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