Monday, September 05, 2005


This schnitzels pictured here were made of beef sirlon cuts since I could not find veal. I suppose in this case they would be called chcken fried steak. You can also use chicken breasts.
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6 veal cutlets
1/2 -1 cup flour
2 eggs; lightly beaten with cold
2 tablespoon oil
1 cup dry, fine breadcrumbs
4-5 tablespoon Butter, lard or veg. oil

Sprinkle with salt on both side of cutlet. Measure flour onto wax paper or
flat plate. Beat eggs and water in wide flat bowl; beat in oil if you are
using it. Measure breadcrumbs onto a sheet of wax paper on a flat plate.
Dip salted cutlets lightly off and dredge cutlets with breadcrumbs.
Let stand at room temperature 15 to 30 minutes. Heat fat in a large
skillet. There should be enough in pan for cutlets to "swim" Do not crowd
cutlets into pan. Do 2 or 3 if needed. Put cutlets into pan when butter is
very hot and bubbling starts to subside. Fry first side slowly until golden
brown. Turn over with spatula or flat turner; do not pierce with fork. By
the time second side is golden brown (allow 4 to 6 minutes for each side)
the cutlet should be finished. Place finished cutlets on a platter, pan or
sheet of aluminum foil, in a 250°F or 275°F oven so they will keep hot
while the rest are being fried.

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