Saturday, September 17, 2005

My Hawaiian Kitchen or pass the Pupu

I once had good fortune to call Hawaii home for a few years. It was a wonderful place to live for many reasons. Hawaii is the fusing together of cooking from cultures around the world- Polynesian, Asian and European. It was a food paradise.

Even though I did not live near the beach you could drive to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It had great weather year around. It might rain for a short time each day and then stop. One of the best things was it had the same warm temperature year round. One of the worst things about Hawaii is that it had the same warm temperature year round. It may be hard to believe but one of the favorite vacations designations was Alaska.

I sill remember quite vividly arriving in Hawaii in February. I had just left California which had temperature of around 56 degree to Humid Hawaii. It was around 70 degrees and all the Hawaiians were wearing Down jackets. After I left there a few years later I was also putting on a jacket when the temperature dropped under 80 degrees.

I still like to make Hawaiian food from time to time. The next few recipes are very popular food in Hawaii. Huli Huli Chicken ( In Hawaiian huli huli means to turn over and over) , sticky rice, macaroni salad would make a very Hawaiian meal.The mango bread I have put on this bolg is also an Hawaiian recipe. So go ahead and try some making some ONO food prepared with tender lovong care and a lot of ALOHA.

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